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The daughter of the star "Heba Magdy" shocked everyone with her stark beauty in her first appearance... She enchanted everyone's hearts!!  (picture)

The daughter of the star “Heba Magdy” shocked everyone with her stark beauty in her first appearance… She enchanted everyone’s hearts!! (picture)

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Singer Mohamed Mohsen, through his account on “Instagram”, and in the first appearance of his daughter and daughter of the star Heba Magdy, published clear pictures of her, as each of the duo is keen not to reveal her face clearly in the pictures that they published in the past years.

Where Muhammad Mohsen recently published more than one picture of his daughter, “Dahab”, who caught her attention in her first appearance with her father without hiding her features, as he was keen with his wife, artist Heba Magdy, in the past years to publish many photos that combine them with their daughter, but without revealing about her facial features.

But Muhammad Mohsen took advantage of his daughter’s appearance with him to talk about his suffering in a funny way because of her refusal to be convinced that the days of Eid were over. Mohsen wrote a comment in which he said: “Dahab is not convinced that the holiday ended yesterday. May God increase our holidays, evacuate our loved ones, and preserve our country.” Almost 61 thousand followers.

Dahab is a copy of Heba Magdy when she was young

Pictures of Dahab, the daughter of both artist Mohamed Mohsen and artist Heba Magdy, sparked widespread controversy after her first appearance. Many of the followers who interacted with the pictures that Muhammad Mohsen published of his daughter commented, and some of them confirmed that the daughter is a miniature version of her mother.

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Among the comments, one of the followers wrote: “It seems that we will get another copy of Heba Magdy.” The artist, Rawan Olayan, commented on the photos and wrote: “My love went, how did we grow up, God willing, our Lord preserves her.”