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"The day of decisiveness is approaching." Armed militias gather in Tripoli

“The day of decisiveness is approaching.” Armed militias gather in Tripoli

Once again, huge convoys moved from armed militia, Simultaneously from several different cities in the Libyan west, towards Tripoli, while trying to The new Prime Minister-designate from Parliament, Fathi BashaghaEntering the capital to exercise his authority and tasks.

Coming from Misurata, Zintan and Zawiya

Yesterday evening, Friday, large numbers of military vehicles were seen coming from Misurata, Zintan and Al-Zawiya, carrying medium and heavy weapons and fighters, heading towards Tripoli.

And that arrived armed groups Which was reported to be affiliated with the unity government headed by Abdel Hamid al-Dabaiba, the capital later, chanting slogans, “The day of decisiveness is approaching.”

These field moves came a day after a meeting held by Bashagha, with a number of the most prominent militia leaders in Misurata, at his residence in Tunis.

Possible fight

As fears escalate inside and outside Libya, that the prime minister-designate will be forced into the capital in order to seize power from the current prime minister, who refuses to give it up, before elections are held in the country, which could spark fighting between the militias supporting him and those loyal to Bashagha.

international mediation

It is noteworthy that the two deputies of Bashagha had taken over the government headquarters in eastern and southern Libya, but that international mediation It is still ongoing between the two parties regarding a peaceful transfer of power in Tripoli.

While the international position is focused on supporting the initiative of UN Chancellor Stephanie Williams to form a committee from the House of Representatives and what is known as the State Council to formulate a constitutional rule for the expected elections, which the parties failed to organize on the date set previously (December last year 2021).

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