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The demand for travel has increased, so the Airbus A380 is back in the skies

Bloomberg reports.

Once the pandemic broke out, Australian airline Qantas Airways grounded its 12 A380s on the grounds that they would not be needed for at least three years. For example, Etihad Airways has taken the same step. They have changed so that it is not clear if they will take off.

This year, the demand for the airline’s travel bag gave new life, and airlines are gradually returning to it. This is also evidenced by the fact that in June 2020, only 43 years were filled with the Airbus A380, and after one year it was 718. In June of this year, airlines were scheduled to deploy the largest passenger aircraft in the entire world on almost 4,000 flights scheduled.

According to Cirium, A380 models are currently used 30 percent less than they were before the pandemic. But not all airlines. British Airways has informed you that the A380 will be in use by the end of this year before 2020.

end of production

The Airbus A380 opened in Toulouse, France upon its arrest in 2005 and took off for the first time in April of that year. It is the only double-decker aircraft ever built, and is essentially a 2-year aircraft built on top of each other.

The passenger gained size, and the distance between his poles was spaced 80 meters. The machine case was not as pop as its makers had imagined. Airbus will ride before the epidemic He decided to end his production. Emirates acquired the last aircraft manufactured at the end of last year.

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Airlines that have decided to withdraw from the Airbus A380 include Malaysia Airlines, Germany, Lufthansa and Air France-KLM.

In some countries, the Airbus A380 did not find buyers at all, namely in the USA, Latin America and Africa. The global manufacturer of commercial aircraft supplied a total of 251 machines. Emirates Airlines has the largest number of giant aircraft in its global fleet.