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The departure of the Moroccan artist Fathallah Al-Maghari

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Moroccan musician Fathallah Maghri passed away on Saturday evening, at the age of 82.

Al-Maghari had recently suffered a heart attack, and had to be transferred to the military hospital in Rabat.

The late is considered one of the most prominent stars of the Moroccan song, and among the most famous writers of words who left their mark in the memory of music in Morocco. According to Hespress.

Fathallah Lamghari, born in 1940 in Fez, is a composer, songwriter and singer, and one of the pioneers and founders of Moroccan song, and is widely known for his famous song “Rijal Allah”.

The late also presented a number of works of art that his fans of the Moroccan public still sing and chant in all places and times. Among them were songs written by Fathallah Lamghari, such as “Al-Sinara”, “Mughiyara”, “Mahhal forgets you” and “The Balllar Cup”. and “I lost my soul”.

One of the most famous and immortal national songs of Fathallah Lamghari remains the song “Nidaa Al-Hassan”, following the announcement of the organization of the Green March called for by the late King Hassan II in 1975.


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