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The deterioration of Muhammad Ramadan's health condition and his travel abroad for treatment causes an uproar and worries his fans!!.. the audience asks for kindness in his condition!!  video

The deterioration of Muhammad Ramadan’s health condition and his travel abroad for treatment causes an uproar and worries his fans!!.. the audience asks for kindness in his condition!! video

The artist, Mohamed Ramadan, fell ill and traveled abroad for treatment.

Words circulated by the pioneers of the communication sites after the artist’s message that raised the concern of his fans, thinking that Ramadan had a disease and did not want to reveal it to his fans, and that he traveled abroad for treatment, and the artist has not yet announced the truth of the news circulating about his illness.

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Where the artist, Mohamed Ramadan, posted on his personal account on “Instagram”, a video clip in which he appeared with a group of his fans outside Egypt, and commented on the video with: “Oh God, heal every patient who suffers and does not speak and knows his condition except you, O God, I ask you to heal every soul that is incapacitated.” About sleeping because of illness, my Lord, rest, then ease, and then heal every soul that only you knows its pain, for you are over all things.”

It is noteworthy that Muhammad Ramadan celebrated that the song “Dosha” exceeded 11 million views on the social networking site for videos “YouTube”, and published a picture of the celebration of the occasion via the “Story” of his personal account on “Instagram”.

Muhammad Ramadan said in televised statements about the recent cancellation of his concerts: “I don’t know why they called the parties and I don’t understand; I only sang for four years, and I achieved great successes and my YouTube channel is the largest Arab singer.”

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