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The deterioration of the health of the artist, Suhair Al-Babli

Nevin Al-Naqouri, the daughter of the artist, Suheir Al-Babli, revealed her mother’s condition, noting that she had stopped eating and talking, and her condition was critical, and she is now under respirators and needs the prayers of all her fans.

Nevin denied what was circulated on some websites of information indicating her mother’s willingness to undergo open heart surgery.

The Seventh Day newspaper quoted Nevin as saying, “This is not true, and there are many information circulating about my mother’s health that lacks accuracy.”

The daughter of Suhair Al-Babli explained that her mother stopped eating and speaking, and her condition is critical, and she is now under respirators and needs the prayers of all her fans, stressing that she has been in the hospital and intensive care for a month and a half, but days ago her health deteriorated, which necessitated her transfer to intensive care, where the artist planted The big one lost her liver 8 years ago, which caused her to weaken her immunity, in addition to her diabetes, and she was exposed to a diabetic coma, water on the lungs, and a cardiac arrest.

Nevin confirmed that she had recently announced her mother’s health condition so as not to deprive her of the invitations of millions of her fans and fans.

Dr. Reda Tuaima, the husband of the artist’s daughter, Suhair al-Babli, revealed the deterioration of the great artist’s health condition significantly, stressing that her condition is now very critical, as some parts of the body have stopped working.

He continued, “She was an intellectual, thinker, genius, and a good and loyal Egyptian citizen who represented the Egyptian woman and stood in the face of the enemies of the country. She was an authentic model keen on the Egyptian identity and belonging, and she allied herself with the Egyptian state in its intensity and always announced its position clearly.”


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