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The dilemma of scholars in the house of Al-Maarri |  Abdul Latif Al-Zubaidi

The dilemma of scholars in the house of Al-Maarri | Abdul Latif Al-Zubaidi

How dangerous this house Bal Maarri? An unusual brain. How do you judge a scientist who is ignorant of 95% of his field of expertise? In comparisons wonders. Imagine Taha Hussein, Ahmed Amin, Al-Zayyat, Al-Rafi’i, knowing nothing about 95% of Arabic literature. Tawor Al-Farahidi, Sibawayh, Al-Fara, Al-Kisa’i, Aba Ali Al-Farsi, Ibn Jinni, they have no knowledge of more than nine-tenths of Arabic grammar and morphology, and they measure what is not said.

The most surprising thing is that all the progress that has been achieved in the sciences of the earth and the universe has been achieved and scientists are ignorant of 95% of the matter and energy of the universe. Planets, systems and galaxies, are only 5% of the total. Physicists have realized that the gravity that makes the galaxies touch each other, requires multiples of the visible matter, in addition to the fact that the expansion of the universe is associated with an increase in acceleration as the distances increase, which means that there is a motive energy, so what is it? Physicists have the right to bid for Nizar: “Twenty centuries, O Kitab al-Hawa, and it was not revealed on the first page.” In front of the Arabic curricula, there is a wide scope for catching up. With the encyclopedia of sciences present, little knowledge has been given to man. Imagine the intellectual and spiritual suffering, in a mind on the level of the Dean of astrophysics Hubert Reeves (89 years), how much he traveled in the paths of the cosmos, how much he prayed and toured atoms and galaxies, and yet he puts his head every night on a pillow of confusion: all my knowledge and knowledge do not exceed 5 % of the matter of this universe. However, even this small percentage contains more than two thousand billion galaxies, with a visible range of fifty billion light-years, each one ten thousand billion kilometers.

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When the physical world wakes up, it awakens to another bewilderment. Perhaps he says to himself: The horizon appears without horizon, and the range without extent, without echo, without guidance. This cannot be the right approach, so what is the solution? New physical methods are required. It is true that science has proven the existence of the Higgs boson, and scientists simulated the Big Bang with a dwarf model in the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), but current theoretical physics is at a dead end, in the unknowns of dark matter and dark energy, in aligning general relativity and quantum physics, In the theory of the whole, which unites the four forces… New ways are necessary. That is the curriculum compass.

The necessity of what is necessary: ​​The breakthrough result: The most important of all is that the scholars free themselves from the sarcasm of Bayt al-Ma’arri: “The scholars and the ignorant are only … close until you look from close.”

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