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مخرج فيلم "مو.. أيقونة عالمية"

The director of “Moo is a global icon” reveals to “Al-Ain News” the details of filming in 5 cities and a year of work

“FIFA” produced the first documentary film for the Egyptian football legend, “Mohamed Salah”, player of Liverpool and the Egyptian national team, entitled “Mo.. a global icon”.

The film received great attention among fans of the Egyptian player, who occupies a great place in the hearts of fans of the round witch, especially in the Arab world.

And the film, which monitors the Egyptian player’s journey, from his village “Nagrij” in Gharbia Governorate, to the world, directed by Ahmed Kadry, the Egyptian who worked for a long time to direct the film in the best possible way.

Months of research and work on that film, the film’s director tells Al-Ain Al-Akhbar, explaining the difficulties he faced, the characters he met and the cities he visited to complete the film.

In his interview with Al-Ain News, Qadri says that the preparation for the film began about a year ago, when one of the major sports content and advertising companies contacted him to choose between a number of directors, and he was chosen, after presenting a written vision for the company.

The young man adds that he was looking for a specific angle, and the side that he will present to people, to highlight the personality of Mohamed Salah outside the green rectangle, and to focus on the human side in his life.

“The preparation of the film took a long time, the research alone took two months, and the beginning was from filming the barber next to Salah’s house, then thinkers, writers and painters, we focused on that he is not just a football player, but rather more than that,” the director tells “Al-Ain News”.

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Qadri considers the moment of his choice to direct the film one of the happy moments in his life, as he is the first to film a documentary about Mohamed Salah: “It was one of the most enjoyable experiences in my life, I owe thanks to everyone, and to the team that was working with me on the film.”

The most prominent scenes that Qadri noticed in the hometown of Mohamed Salah, was the people’s love for him, not only for being a football player, but for his good deeds, and his good attitude with everyone: “Everywhere people were praying for Salah that God bless him always.”

The entire film took two months to prepare and research, 4 months to shoot, and 100 hours of editing, and the filming was in 3 countries and 5 cities, and with international personalities from writers, thinkers, graffiti artists, players of different sports and an Egyptian rapper: “We are happy with all this echo that the film achieved. And Mohamed Salah liked him too.