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The director of “Risalat al-Imam” al-Laith Hajjo: The series was built on a large production side that provided all the capabilities

Ali Al-Kashouti wrote

Wednesday, April 19, 2023 01:00 AM

The director, Laith Hajjo, is a serial director Imam’s message For the seventh day, he is now continuing to film the series in the Media Production City, accompanied by the artist Khaled Al-Nabawi, and a number of artists participating in the series, and that he will film the scene of the end of the Imam’s Message series tomorrow, Thursday, in the city as well.

Al-Laith Hajjo indicated that he was apprehensive about the experience of working in Egypt, and he had many projects, but he was postponing them. However, the series “The Imam’s Message” is one of the important works that has a clear and lofty goal, and that behind the series stands a large production entity that provided all the required capabilities and all the artists who The series needed them.

The series “The Imam’s Message”, starring the star Khaled Al-Nabawi, will be shown on the DMC channel screen at 6:30 pm, and the first replay at 6 am and the second replay at 11 am, and it will be shown on the CBC channel at 12.15 am and the replay at 5 am, while on the Al-Hayat channel at 10.45 pm And the replay at 9:15 am, next to the show on the watch it platform at 6:30 pm.

The series “The Imam’s Message” starring Khaled Al-Nabawy, Arwa Jouda, Nisal Al-Shafei, Khaled Anwar, Walid Fawaz, Jihan Khalil, Hamza Al-Aili, Ahmed Al-Rafei, Salma Abu Deif and a group of stars in the Arab world, most notably the Syrians Khaled Al-Qish and Haval Hamdi, the Jordanian Farah Bseiso and others. And the work is a scenario and dialogue, a writing workshop under the supervision of the author Muhammad Hisham Obeya, directed by the Syrian Laith Hajjo, and produced by the “Media Hub” company – Saada and Jawhar.

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The producing company decided to use a historical reference that accompanies the series team throughout the filming period, in addition to reviewing the episodes continuously by the Islamic Research Academy in Al-Azhar Al-Sharif, as well as the presence of linguistic references to the scenario, especially since the work is presented in classical Arabic, in addition to the fact that the last period witnessed the training of artists. Participants in the tournament on horseback riding and sword fencing.

Muhammad Hisham Obeya, the general supervisor of writing the Imam’s Message series, confirmed that the series deals with the last 6 years of Imam Al-Shafi’i’s life, which he spent in Egypt, and his influence on the Egyptian civilization, which extended to our day, hoping that the series would gain the audience’s admiration after the effort made in it.