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The director of Saint-Germain defends Messi and reveals the future of Mbappe

The director of Saint-Germain defends Messi and reveals the future of Mbappe

Nour Ibrahim (Cairo)
In an interview with the “Europe One” station, the Brazilian Leonardo, the sporting director of Paris Saint-Germain, spoke on a number of topics that have sparked a lot of discussion and controversy on the global sports scene in recent times, and answered the questions that were put to him regarding the fate of Kylian Mbappe and Neymar’s behavior. The extent of Messi’s adaptation, the rumors of Pochettino’s departure, and the reality of Ramos’ condition.
At first, Leonardo praised Kylian Mbappe, describing him as the best player in the world, and said he was still confident that he would extend his contract with Saint-Germain.
He added: Kilian is in his best technical condition this season and is not affected by anything around him, and he has become stronger than before, and some might think that I say this because we want him to renew his contract with the club, but no, and the fact is that he has really reached a wonderful state of technical maturity, which is Today is his 23rd birthday, and we definitely want to keep him for as long as possible.
Leonardo revealed that he is in constant contact with Killian’s family, his mother Faiza and his father and Lifred, and that he enters into a heated discussion with them about the son, and says: This is normal and part of building a relationship, and if Mbappe decides to stay, he will stay because we want it.

He commented, “We hope that he will stay for life in Paris, but we respect the position of his parents, and I think we have a good opportunity to extend his contract. I trust that.”
With regard to the Argentine coach, Mauricio Pochettino, Leonardo categorically denied the rumors of his departure, and the contract with the French Zinedine Zidane, and denied any contacts with the latter, or anyone else.
He said, “We never contacted Zidane, even in the days of the departure of the German Thomas Tuchel, the former coach.
In response to a question about Neymar, Leonardo said: “He is a legend and will remain so, and I am happy that he will be shown a documentary film on Netflix on January 25th.”
He added: “I know Neymar well and I know that he does not want to change his essence or his personality, no matter how much people talk about things here and things there.”
Leonardo defended the legendary Argentine star, Lionel Messi, saying: He arrived last summer and it was natural that he needed some time to adapt and harmonize with the team, and to feel as comfortable as he was in Barcelona.

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Leonardo admitted that Messi did not present his full talent during the first months since he came to Paris, describing him as a very special case of football genius, like Neymar and Mbappe.
He said: We did not look at Messi as a technical show in every game, but we want him to be more fighting spirit, and we cannot ask him to run 12 km in every match, in Barcelona, ​​the team depends on possession and possession of the ball in close spaces, and he was not Messi runs a lot, and he not only played with Barca 20 years, but played it the same way, and we cannot underestimate his value and his status as a big star.
He commented, “On the idea of ​​all players walking on the field, even Idrissa Gaye, who travels 15 km in every match, and Messi does not fault him for walking on the field.”
Leonardo concluded his speech by praising the Spanish “Matador” Sergio Ramos and said: He will have a big role in the second half of the season, which is the decisive half, and he does not worry about him because he only played two games, he is now on the right track.