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The director of “The Imam’s Message”: The work was a great challenge for me to enter Egyptian drama

Shaima Rizk

Posted on: Wednesday, May 17, 2023 – 8:20 am | Last updated: Wednesday 17 May 2023 – 8:20 AM

Al-Laith Hajjo, the director of the series “The Imam’s Message”, answered the reason for combining classical and colloquial Arabic, which was named in the work in the Coptic language.
He said during his hosting of the “Last Word” program, presented by the media to Mays Al-Hadidi, broadcast on “On” channel, on Tuesday evening, in a special episode inside the filming location of the series “The Imam’s Message”, that this merger came from research, education and training, stressing that the Coptic language was not Only it existed in this era, but there was a mixture of languages ​​and dialects.
He pointed out that the classical Arabic language is different, due to the difference of those who settled in the city of Fustat, and they were from large places in the Levant, Khorasan, the Arabian Peninsula and the Sinai desert, stressing that there could not be a unified dialect of an environment within 150 years.
He pointed out that two levels of language had to be presented, represented by a colloquial language that refers to all the dialects existing in Egypt before the arrival of Amr ibn al-Aas and al-Shafi’i, and the language of the most cultured, which is the language of scholars and jurists.

Regarding the reason for choosing him to direct the series “The Imam’s Message”, he stressed that entering this project was a great challenge, explaining that his entry into Egypt was a project that had been postponed for him for years.
He added that he had previously implemented works of art in Egypt with Egyptian cadres, but The Imam’s Message was his first Egyptian work in Egypt, stressing that despite the difficulty and danger of the work, he felt that it was the challenge that could be entered into the Egyptian drama.
He stressed that this type of work in the month of Ramadan has a special presence and influence, and has a ready audience, pointing out that it is customary to display historical and religious works in Egypt.
He pointed out that with the development of technologies and presentation mechanisms, the form of presentation changed, noting that it was necessary to present a work that was in line with the stage and the condition of the new viewer through visual dazzle, fast plots and imagination.
He stated that the reason for choosing to present Imam Al-Shafi’i is that he is affiliated with Egypt until today, stressing that Egypt is an incubating environment for all the civilizations that passed through it, and immortalized all the personalities who made achievements for Egypt, and knew how to harmonize with them and formulate the civilizational achievement into daily social vocabulary.