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The directors’ first films win “Cairo Film Awards”

The directors’ first films win “Cairo Film Awards”

Its 43rd session witnessed a distinguished Arab presence and remarkable artistic impetus

If the Cairo Film Festival raised the slogan “Succession of Generations” at its 43rd session, which concluded yesterday evening, then according to followers and critics, this slogan has realistically been achieved with deserved prizes for the first or second films of directors who led the scene in particular in Arab cinema, and confirmed the rise of a generation New talented filmmakers, as well as achieved in the closing ceremony, where major artists participated in the distribution of awards to the winners.

The 43rd session was marked by the selection of important films inside or outside its competitions, and was also distinguished by the momentum of events, honors and press conferences held for filmmakers, the “Cinema Lesson” delivered by Serbian director Amir Kusturica, head of the jury, and dialogues that included Arab movie stars, including Palestinian director Hani. Abu Assad.

The appearance of two big stars at the closing ceremony ignited admiration and applause inside the opera theater. The audience was surprised by the rise of the great artist Rashwan Tawfiq, on the stage, to hand over the Best Actor Award, which was won by the artist Muhammad Mamdouh for the movie “Abu Saddam”, the second film of director Nadine Khan, the director’s daughter. The late great Muhammed Khan.

While the great actress Lubna Abdel Aziz appeared to hand over the award for the best actress, which was won by “Swami Rotolo”, the heroine of the movie “Kiara”.

According to film critic Khaled Mahmoud, the 43rd edition of the festival included a group of good films, whether in the Arab Film Competition or the official section outside the competition, noting that the festival faced several challenges in light of its competition with other Arab festivals.

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Mahmoud told Asharq Al-Awsat, “The competition for Arab films was more intense due to the limited production, but he succeeded in acquiring good films that were distinguished by their technical level, even though some of them represented first works by directors, and the international competition included new and distinguished films, and the prizes remain for all The jury has its privacy, but sometimes the views coincide with the public and critics.”

Mahmoud considered that “the movie (Daughters of Abdel Rahman) won the audience award, because it achieved contact with viewers since the first show.” He believes that “Arab films in recent years have witnessed great maturity in terms of the ideas presented and the level of production, but the Cairo Film Festival needs great support more than ever to fully restore its luster.”

Arab cinema won important awards. Tunisia won three awards, including the Best Actress award in the “Horizons of Arab Cinema” competition for actress Afaf bin Mahmoud for her role in the film “Atyaf” directed by Mahdi Al-Hamili. in her honest performance of the character of the mother who is accused by her husband of adultery; The artist, Dhafer Al-Abidin, won the “Samir Farid” award for his first film, directed by “Ghudwa.” The film is based on his acting and story. And the extent to which it fulfills the aspirations of the Tunisian citizen. The film “Qadha” by Anis Al-Aswad received a special mention from the jury, and “Blind Point” by Lutfi Ashour won the Youssef Chahine Award as the best short fiction film, which qualifies it to participate in the Oscar race, and the Syrian film “The Stranger” by Amir Fakhreddine won the Shadi Award. Abdel Salam as best director, and the best Arab film award at the festival, and the film was distinguished by the superiority of its artistic elements.

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The “Saad El Din Wahba Award for Best Film” in the Arab Cinema Horizons competition went to “Maya’s Notebooks” directed by Joanna Hajji Touma and Khalil Joreige.

Egyptian cinema won the award for the best non-fiction film for the long documentary “From Cairo” by director Hala Galal, who traced the journey of two Egyptian girls living in the hustle and bustle of the city. Until it comes out. The Jordanian film “Daughters of Abd al-Rahman” won the audience award (Yousef Sharif Rizkallah), which deals with the crisis of four sisters, which explodes with the disappearance of their father, and the artist, Saba Mubarak, expressed to “Asharq Al-Awsat” her happiness with this award, which is voted by the audience, stressing that she wished Winning it, especially after the script of the film aroused her enthusiasm since reading it for the first time, and it was written and directed by Zaid Abu Hamdan in his first feature film.

The film “The Hole in the Fence”, produced by Mexico and Poland, won the “Golden Pyramid” award for best film in the international competition, while “Little Body” won the “Silver Pyramid” award, and the Korean film “Introverts” won the Bronze Pyramid award.