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The discovery of a “hidden” mathematical law that governs the regions of the Earth and space.. Video

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Recent research indicated that there is a hidden mathematical law that governs the Earth and space as well.

The wind causes the layers of sand and dust to move on the surface of the earth, where these sands also take the form of waves, which is what we see in many Arab deserts as well, which gives an enchanting scene to the desert.

These sand ripples are known in Arabic as “neem signs” or “megaripples”, with wavelengths ranging from 30 cm to several meters in some cases, and usually spread on the regular beaches adjacent to the seas and sand dunes in the desert, so that scientists discovered them on other planets such as Mars or What is known as the land of the Arabs on Mars.

Regardless of the size of these waves or sand dunes, but there is a major feature of these ripples is the size of the grains involved, where scientists have noticed that the sand on the surface of the waves are coarse particles and spread over a softer part.

The researchers have now discovered an amazing mathematical advantage for the sand atoms, especially the huge ones, as the researchers confirmed that “dividing the diameter of the coarse grains in the mixture by the diameter of the small grains in the sand always equals a uniform number, something that has not been observed before through several decades of research.”

The authors of the study published in the scientific journal Nature Communications concluded that in the future, this number could be used to classify different types of ripples and any particular grain transfers that constitute such ripples.

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When the wind blows through the sand, the massive rings (waves) are caused by the finer grains kicking off the coarse grains, traveling at different rates, and the coarse grains collecting on the crests of the ripples, while the fine grains usually settle in the troughs.

What also distinguishes dunes or huge waves is that they are more fragile than small ripples of sand, and larger dunes are more susceptible to changing wind patterns. If the winds become too strong, the mechanisms that create these huge waves overcome them and move the waves.

According to the article published in the scientific journal “sciencealert”, these findings apply in space as well, and can help scientists understand how giant rings form on planets such as Mars, and what kind of atmospheric conditions are needed to cause these phenomena.