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اكتشاف نجم قزم أبيض حطم الأرقام القياسية بإنهائه دورة كاملة كل 25 ثانية

The discovery of a record-breaking white dwarf star by completing one revolution every 25 seconds

A white dwarf star broke records known so far after scientists discovered that it completes a full rotation once every 25 seconds.

The star was analyzed by researchers from the University of Warwick, named LAMOST J024048.51 + 195226.9 (or J0240 + 1952 for short), which they said is the fastest white dwarf with confirmed rotation.

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The previous record holder was a white dwarf called HD 49798, which completes a spin in just over 29 seconds, making J0240+1952 20% faster than him.

Dr Ingrid Bellisoli, who led the study, said: ‘J0240+1952 would have completed several cycles in the short amount of time it takes people to read about it, it’s really incredible.

A white dwarf is a star that has burned out all its energy and is starting to shed its outer layers.

This white dwarf is roughly the same size as Earth, but it is believed to be at least 200,000 more massive than our planet.

The team studied J0240+1952 using the highly sensitive HiPERCAM instrument on the 10-meter-wide Gran Telescopio Canarias telescope in La Palma in the Canary Islands, Spain, the world’s largest working optical telescope.

Analysis indicates that the white dwarf star pulls gaseous plasma from a nearby companion star, a red dwarf, and throws it into space at speeds of about 1,864 miles/sec (3,000 km/sec).

This gives the star a very fast rotation of only 25 seconds, or more precisely, 24.93 seconds. For comparison, the Earth completes one revolution in 24 hours.

“The rotation is so fast that a white dwarf must have an above-average mass just to survive and not rupture,” Dr. Pelisoli explained.

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J0240 + 1952 is one of two stars in the so-called magnetic propeller system that was discovered more than 70 years ago, according to the team.

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Under the influence of gravity, the white dwarf star pulls gas and other material from the companion stars, but as the companion star approaches the white dwarf, the magnetic field begins to dominate.

“This type of gas is highly conductive and picks up a lot of velocity from the process, which pushes it away from the star and out into space,” Pelisoli explained.

The material was first observed emerging from the star in 2020, although astronomers were unable to confirm the presence of rapid rotation, a key indicator of a magnetic fan, because the pulsations were too fast and faint for other telescopes.

Study co-author Professor Tom Marsh added: ‘It’s only the second time we’ve found one of these magnetic propeller systems, so we now know it’s not a unique event. It proves that the mechanism of a magnetic propeller is a general property that operates in these diodes, if the conditions are right. “.

Source: Daily Mail