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The divine order is immortal.  Redmond's Nerd Didn't Even Forget Him in Windows 11 - Živě.cz

The divine order is immortal. Redmond’s Nerd Didn’t Even Forget Him in Windows 11 – Živě.cz

We’ll have better control of the upcoming Windows 11 on touch screens and configure it in a completely redesigned modern Settings app. But what’s more, the graphical interface for control panels and similar tools is only one, a whole generation of administrators has grown up on it, and they have grown up – along with Powershelm – They just don’t give up.

This is probably an endangered animal species in the ancient world force userů It has another stern builder under the bright luster of its work surface. A jackhammer, demolition hammer, laser spirit level, and cordless screwdriver all in one device that needs to work with Windows. Approximately.

Hundreds of Divine System Tools

Yes, Speech to the Divine Order – in English God modeAny engineers from Redmond to their operating system built in Already in Windows 7 and survived All subsequent wild adventures starting with Windows 8.x and ending with fragrant Windows 11.

If you have a computer with one of these systems in front of you, you can also activate Divine Mode and depending on your device configuration you will get some Super Control Panels – In my case (Windows 11 laptop) I counted them in one pile equal to 209!

We activate the divine system

So how do you become such a little god – at least in your office or home office? Just (for example) make the hidden system folder visible on the desktop. So create a new directory on the desktop and name it, for example:

Divine order. {ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}

The folder that has no name in my case (mentioned in Windows 11) should soon appear on the desktop.

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We activate Divine Mode on Windows

It won’t even appear in the window frame after I open it. After starting Windows Explorer or simply after a few seconds, when proper indexing occurs, the system directory should also change the icon to the one used by the Classic Control Panel.

Index of links to tools you may not know exist

But Divine Mode is not control panels in the truest sense of the word. Instead, a catalog of thematically distributed system links will only launch a suitable tool – whether in the modern Settings application or in one of the dedicated Windows management programs.

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Divine Mode in Windows 11 provides over 200 links to PC configuration and management tools

Basically, these are the same shortcuts that an integrated search engine optimized can whisper to from Windows 8.x. Now you get them all in one pile.

Restart the network adapter with one click

So, for example, the second group Network and Sharing Center offers eleven links for configuring the VPN, a quick restart of network adapters (Network Repair), etc. Do this without doing a complicated search when you don’t even know what exactly you want to look for.

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You can find all this in the search engine / whisper today, but you need to know exactly what to look for

Home sysadmini They will appreciate the System suite, which offers 23 other links to tools and computer configuration options in general, which they may not even have a pair or tool for setting global variables, which in turn is useful for developers.

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Desktop shortcuts for every function

But the real magic of the divine system is that it is a list of standard items, which, of course, you can create shortcuts to access faster.

Let’s say byte wants to create a desktop shortcut for Quick access to Task Manager (Also available in Windows 10+ under the shortcut CTRL + SHIFT + ESC). All you have to do is drag it from divine mode to your desktop.

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Drag the desktop to create a shortcut to a specific function

Or you want to make quickly Link to the About tab In the recent Settings app. In this case, drag the Show this computer’s name link from the System group to the Desktop.

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Quick links in the form of desktop shortcuts

Well, if you keep plugging all kinds of weird peripherals into your computer, or if you’re doing it yourself with an army of Arduino and other prototype boards, you might also like your desktop Shortcut to Device Manager. You can find his Divine Mode link almost at the end in the Devices and Printers section.

Install Windows Terminal

If Divine Mode is the right hand of every Windows nerd on PC, it’s the left of course Windows Terminal. Microsoft has been cooking it up for some time now, and it’s gradually becoming a relatively stable application, which is actually a container for many other Windows command lines.

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Terminal and Windows 11

After all, in Windows 11 Insider, Terminal is already a pre-installed part of the system.

All command lines in one app

Windows Terminal uses the same web browser and similar applications, especially from the world of graphical Linux distributions tabby, where a whole bunch of command line instances can run side by side, where you can also set up your own behavior profiles. That is, on what track will it be played in the default state, what is the name of the tab, and, of course, what technology will it actually be.

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CMD.EXE, PowerShell and Linux Ubuntu in One Machine

There is, of course, both the classic CMD.EXE and in 2021 unfortunately really outdated, and of course its successor – multiplatform PowerShell, which over the years has moved under a free license to GitHub, where you can download the latest version of its seventh-generation builds for Windows and Linux (RPM, DEB).

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Ubuntu in Windows Terminal through the WSL layer and configure individual profiles and appearance

Well, we hybrids, who on Windows 10+ are not only satisfied with its command lines, we also need Linux, then of course there is also automatic presence detection WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) and therefore you need to Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Terminal Or other distributions installed directly from the store.