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The draw for the 2023 Asian Cup in Qatar: good groups for the Arab teams

The draw for the 2023 Asian Cup in Qatar: good groups for the Arab teams

The Asian Football Confederation held the draw for the 2023 AFC Asian Cup in the cultural district of Katara in Doha, on Thursday, which resulted in good groups for the Arab teams in the tournament, which will start on January 12, 2024, and will be hosted by Qatar.

The first group included the Qatar national team, the owner of the land, which is hosting the 2023 edition of the Asian Championship, and alongside it is the Lebanese national team, which aspires to present a distinguished level and qualify for the second round for the first time in its history, and behind it are the teams of China and Tajikistan, and therefore there are great chances for the Arab teams to qualify for the next round.

As for the second group, the Syrian national team, the Indian national team, the Uzbekistan national team and the Australian national team came in. The Syrian national team also has an opportunity to present a good level and qualify for the next round, especially with the close level with the Indian and Uzbek national teams, and its ability to compete with the Australian national team.

The third group included the teams of Iran, the Emirates, Palestine and Hong Kong, and the Arab teams have equal chances to qualify for the second round, with preference for Iran and the UAE, of course, in the group, while the fourth group included the Iraqi team, which seeks to return strongly to the Asian arena after its strong performances at the continental level recently, in addition to Teams of Japan, Indonesia and Vietnam.

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As for the fifth group, it included the teams of Jordan, Bahrain and Malaysia, along with the South Korean team, and accordingly there will be an Arab-Arab competition between Bahrain and Jordan in order to qualify in the group that is expected to be led by the Korean team.

On the other hand, the sixth and final group included the Saudi national team, along with Oman, Thailand and Kyrgyzstan, and it is expected that the Saudi team will be the strongest in this group with the ability of Oman to qualify for the second round of Asian competitions, and less chances for Thailand and Kyrgyzstan.