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The dream of a new canal for horses, towns and villages in the area will remain precious land

Today, the main road crosses the road, one side of the Land Registry will lead to the debtor’s journey and the DunajOdraLabe (DOL) canal path was supposed to meander on the other side. As a result, the village identified a 200-meter-wide corridor that could not be built.

But this will change. In connection with the programs of the government, which does not want to continue to equip the canal and intends to liberate the blocked lands in towns and villages, it can build filled family homes here.

We have a free zone where you can build in the future. Other than that, we don’t have a lot of development areas, because the village is in a relatively tight space, said Mayor Spethinvi Fit Tomatic.

Completely canceled for the construction of a waterway, it will connect the North, the Baltic and the Black Sea, as well as the mayor of the Zlin district of St. He considered the uncertainty as to whether or not the construction would survive, as the land remained closed for years. If the channel is canceled, it will further develop the village in your tomate.

In Otrokovice, a large mansion was to be built on the DOL canal, which they did not pay attention to. In a remarkable way, you will take off on life in the city. We’re saddled with this burden, and I can’t imagine what it would look like then, Mayor Hannah Verkoff changed hands. If the channel does not materialize, there is also time in terms of the environment, million.

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Let’s face it, Babic Mayor Martina Horkov agrees. The waterway filled DOL had to enter between Spytihnv and Starm Mstem on Baova kanl Road, which must cross in this section. For example, in Spytihnvi, this may mean the demolition of the dam, the construction and the tourist center. I would like to demolish five or six houses.

Our investments will be in vain, as is known from the municipalities

Tomatic said, We have also prepared investments in tourism development in connection with the Ba Canal, and it will be in vain.

It’s time to keep the Bav kanl, and we’ve given negative opinions about this change. In our case, the land mass was not a big problem, said Irina Brabkov, mayor of Sderwin for the development of the Bauva Canal and the Moravian Waterway.

The channel’s biggest supporter is President Milo Zeman. According to the feasibility study created three years ago, the scale for more than 580 billion kroner is effective from the point of view of transportation, water management, energy and recreation.

It was also sought by Tom Ba and his brother Jean-Anton Ba, and considered the waterway a suitable alternative to rail and road transport. But Melinka is 300 years old. And you will die.

50 km of waterways for trade and tourism

In my opinion, this is the final end of the channel. We called after the party, former Dowry Minister and Chancellor Peter Gazdek said. I can’t imagine anyone in the 21st century wanting to build it. This is a large sum that this country does not currently have, and it will lead to a lot of environmental tokens.

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In the Zlín region, the DOL Canal will extend from Krome to Ostroská Nová Ves, there will be a total of about 50 kilometers of waterways, and will serve commerce and tourism. He would have largely imitated the flow of the Morava River, somewhere along the course of the Ba Canal. For example, former Governor Ji Onik (KDU-SL) was in charge of the canal, while its current governor, Radim Holly (YES) has been abolished.

I think this will bring the earth mainly from the point of view of water protection into the problem, it will not be convenient for us to transport materials by water. We have long furnaces and iron corridors. We’re able to work without this project, Holly says. It also has a negative impact on groundwater. This is what people said.

Even the experts disagree

At a conference called DunajOdraLabe: Kivatka Ti Mo, or Triple Disaster? Aquarium Martin Rolke of Ballack University in Olomouc stated that representatives of the corridor repeat that in Western Europe, America and Russia, corridors existed 150 and 200 years ago.

And ask when he works there, no pros can. The answer is simple: esko le takkajc is on the side of Europe. We are a European divorcee and all the flows of us are calm, there is little and no water,” said Rollke.

But there are also rules. When connected directly to the water management system, the DanubeOdraLabe waterway plays an important role in both water confiscation and water distribution, says hydrogeologist Zpink Herkal of the Charles University School of Sales in Prague.

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