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The DS 9 sedan has already received the third variant of the plug-in hybrid

The DS 9 sedan has already received the third variant of the plug-in hybrid

So far, the flagship DS 9 has also introduced a pair of plug-in hybrid drives called the E-Tense 225 and E-Tense 360, which stand out for performance. But in the DS, they said they would add another version to the offering, which would make purely electric driving more efficient.

The new engine is marked with the E-Tense 250 and customers can purchase it in combination with the Performance Line and Rivoli series. This is a kind of intermediate stage between the basic plugin and the highest equipment. The novelty, like the basic version 225, is available with front-wheel drive. Version 300 has an ATV.

The basis of the new engine, as in other versions, is a four-cylinder and 16-cylinder with a turbocharger, this time with a power of 200 hp and a torque of 300 Nm. Together with an 81 kW electric motor, the DS promises a combined output of 250 hp.

What should convince the car to buy in this engine is the increased battery capacity, which will now provide 15.6 kWh compared to 11.9 kWh in other versions. According to the WLTP methodology, this is enough to cover more than 60 kilometers together or up to 70 kilometers in the city.

Thanks to the table’s low value in CO2 production, like other hybrids on offer, the car will also arrive on the license plate with the EL electric prefix, which drivers can benefit greatly from.

Performance Line with this engine starts at 1,575,000 kroner, while the Rivoli equipment is 100,000 kr more expensive.