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The Duchess of Cambridge celebrates turning 40 at the height of her popularity

The Duchess of Cambridge celebrates turning 40 at the height of her popularity

London – (AFP)

The Duchess of Cambridge Kate celebrates her 40th birthday on Sunday as her popularity peaks and her role in the British royal family, along with her husband Prince William and their three children, grows in importance.

The wife of the eldest son of the heir to the British throne today symbolizes the future of the monarchy, as this former art student born Catherine Middleton, nicknamed Kate, is a young commoner who entered the most attractive family in Britain in 2011.

Kate once again raised the admiration of her fans and the media during a Christmas party in Westminster Abbey and was broadcast on television, dedicated to those who worked to confront the Covid-19 pandemic, as Kate accompanied on the piano, singer Tom Walker, who performed his song For These Who Can’t Be Here. They cannot be present.”

Kate and her husband, William, who turns 40 in June, have been a prominent presence since the health crisis began: through video conferences with caregivers or by talking about their lives in confinement with their children George, Charlotte and Louis in a large country house, and about the upheavals of homeschooling.

With the easing of pandemic restrictions, and Queen Elizabeth II (95 years) curtailing her activities in consideration of her health, the couple intensified their appearances in official activities, from the world premiere of the new James Bond movie to the climate summit “COP 26”.

Kate was keen to highlight her interest in specific topics, such as early childhood, in addition to her participation with her husband, Prince William, in focusing on mental health and environmental protection issues.

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