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The Earth is surrounded by a "bubble"... Everyone sees it with the eye and does not realize it... Pictures and video

The Earth is surrounded by a “bubble”… Everyone sees it with the eye and does not realize it… Pictures and video

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Scientists have reconstructed the sequence of events experienced by the universe and carried out an illustration that showed that those events that began 14 million years ago and that formed a group of massive supernovae form a giant bubble whose center is close to our Earth.

In the middle of our blue planet is a void about 1,000 light-years wide surrounded by thousands of young stars, which form from afar, the scene of a very large bubble, but how did this bubble that scientists drew recently?

The source of the stars we see is the ‘domestic bubble’

Astronomers at Harvard and Smithsonian University’s Center for Astrophysics (CfA) and the Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI) have reconstructed the evolutionary history of our galaxy and neighboring galaxies, as the team outlines the chain of events that began 14 million years ago and led to the formation of a vast bubble responsible for everything Around it are young “young” stars.

The discovery of a “hidden” mathematical law governing the regions of the Earth, Arab deserts and space

The central figure of the image, a 3-D animation of space-time, reveals that all young stars and star-forming regions, which are about 500 light-years from Earth, are centered on the surface of a giant bubble known as the “local bubble”. Although scientists know they exist in theory, this is the first time they have been able to observe it and see and understand the beginning of the local bubble and its effect on the surrounding gas.

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“This is the true story of the origin of the universe… for the first time we can explain how all nearby stars began to form.”

Using a combination of new data and data science techniques, space-time animations show how a series of supernovae that first exploded 14 million years ago pushed massive amounts of interstellar gas outward, creating a surface-like, bubble-like structure. A structure that possesses the basics of star formation, according to research published in magazine “temper nature Scientific.

Today, scientists have identified seven known star-forming regions, or molecular clouds, which are dense regions in space where stars can form on the surface of the bubble.

“In our calculations there are about 15 supernovae that have exploded over millions of years to form the local bubble that we see today… It is moving at about 4 miles per second. It has lost most of its gravity although it has stabilized largely in terms of speed.”

Kathryn Zucker

Astronomer, data visualization expert, and study participant

Using data obtained by the European Space Agency’s “Gaia” space observatory, the scientists came to infer the speed of bubble expansion, in addition to the past and current trajectories of young stars forming on its surface.

“This is an incredible detective story, driven by both data and theory… We can piece together the history of star formation around us using a variety of independent clues, such as supernova models, stellar motions and fantastic new 3D maps of the material surrounding the Local Bubble.”

Alyssa Goodman

Study co-author, Harvard University professor, and astronomer at the Center for Astrophysics

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A fictional image of the planet Earth and half of Mars - Sputnik Arabic, 1920, 16.01.2022

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Our sun settled at the center of the bubble by ‘lucky’

In turn, co-author Joe Alves, a professor at the University of Vienna, noted, “When the first supernovae that created the Local Bubble exploded, our Sun was far from the event (the explosion) but about five million years ago, the Sun’s path through the galaxy took it straight into the bubble. And now the sun sits, just by luck, right in the center of the bubble.”

Humans in the “front row of the show”

According to the article published in scitechdaily magazine Scientific, humans look to space near the sun, they (humans) have a seat in the front row to see the process of star formation that occurs everywhere on the surface of the bubble, that is, the stars we see are the surface of the bubble.
A virtual view of the Milky Way Center - Sputnik Arabic, 1920, 16.01.2022

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The team plans to draw more bubbles between stars to get a full 3D view of their locations, shapes and sizes. Drawing the bubbles will allow understanding of their relationship to each other and the role that dying stars play in the birth of new bubbles and in the structure and evolution of galaxies such as the Milky Way.