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The economic situation in the United States is deteriorating. Take hyperinflation, kf Twitter

Post-Covid inflation has affected many countries, and the United States is no exception. US consumer prices have risen to a maximum of thirty years, and according to some responses, the situation is going many mountains, rather than the originally estimated US policy.

One of those who predict that the situation in the United States will not be perfect in the first place is Dorsey, who sees the United States equilibrium on the brink of hyperinflation. In a post on his Twitter here, Dorsey said hyperinflation has changed everything and is slowly emerging. The editor-in-chief of Twitter and Square at the same time added that this would happen in both the United States and the world.

Inflation problems in America is also called the Federal Reserve System (Fed). Late last week, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said that the United States is likely to threaten inflation in the coming months, and it will continue for a long time, unexpectedly, and likely to continue into the next year.

f bag feeder by server CNBC He hopes that the Fed will at least soon be able to take emergency measures to help the US economy after the coronavirus epidemic, which, according to some critics, has made a significant contribution to spurring growth.

Unlike Dorsey’s portfolio, investors, analysts, and other billionaires refer to this period as rapidly rising inflation, rather than describing the situation as hyperinflation.

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