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The Egyptian artist, Fathia Tantawi, left an impression on the Egyptians' memory and left quietly

The Egyptian artist, Fathia Tantawi, left an impression on the Egyptians’ memory and left quietly

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) — The Egyptian artist, Fathia Tantawi, passed away on Wednesday morning, August 4, 2021, after suffering a heart attack, and the Syndicate of Acting Professions called her, announcing the date of her funeral this afternoon.

And the Egyptian Minister of Culture, Enas Abdel Dayem, considered that the late artist “made a special kind of stardom, and attracted hearts by embodying personalities who left a great impact on the public’s conscience.” And she sent condolences to her family, friends and lovers.

Fathia Tantawi began her artistic career in the 1960s, from the stage of the Egyptian National Theater and the Vanguard Theater, and then went on to participate in film and television.

One of her most famous theatrical roles is “Seneeh” in the play “The Lesson is Over, Stupid” by artist Mohamed Sobhi in 1975, and her last contact with the audience was at the ceremony Sobhi held on the occasion of 50 years on his stage, late last year 2020.

In the memory of the Egyptian and Arab audience, she has many roles in cinema and television, where she was distinguished by playing the role of the simple, toiling, folk or rural lady, as in the films: “The Ring and the Bracelet”, “Dil Al-Samaka”, and “Dam Al-Ghazal”, and her film roles are considered Relatively few compared to television.

Among the most famous series in which the late artist Fathia Tantawy participated are: “The Witness and the Tears”, “The Scrooge and I”, “The Night and the Next”, “Abbas Al-Abyad on the Black Day”, and “Selsal Al-Dam”.

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In the last years of her artistic career, she was a guest of honor in a number of series, such as “Younis Weld Fadda”, “Asham Iblis”, “The Family of Hajj Noman”, and presented her last television roles in the series “Abu Jabal” 2019.