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The Egyptian “feathers” wins the Critics’ Week award at the Cannes Film Festival

Feathers, directed by Egyptian director Omar Al-Zuhairi, won the Grand Prix of the International Critics’ Week competition at the 74th Cannes Film Festival in France.

The film, which was shown on Tuesday at the festival and was well received by critics, was among seven films in this competition, which focus mainly on the first or second work.

The film is a joint Egyptian-French-Dutch-Greek production, and it is the first feature-length work of its 33-year-old director, who also contributed to writing it. Al-Zuhairi graduated from the Higher Institute of Cinema.

The film mixes reality and fantasy, as it deals with the story of a father who decides to hold his eldest son’s birthday, so he brings a magician to present some entertaining paragraphs to the children.

The film’s paradoxes continue to cast a shadow of satirical criticism on social and economic problems, as well as the conditions of breadwinners.

The 74th Cannes Film Festival runs until July 17.

Egyptian director Sameh Alaa won the Golden Palm for the short film competition in the previous edition of the festival for his movie (Stacher).


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