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The Egyptian League .. The Al-Ahly train crosses the Al-Dakhiliya station on the 4th

The Egyptian League .. The Al-Ahly train crosses the Al-Dakhiliya station on the 4th

He scored two goals for Al-Ahly Muhammad Sharif (2), Hamdi Fathi (6) and Karim Fouad (47 and 54), and for the Nigerian interior, Phanom Alfred (13).

and ascend Al Ahly Which achieved its third win in a row to the temporary lead with 9 points, while the balance of the Interior, which received its second loss in a row after its defeat against Al Ittihad 0-2 in the last stage, froze at an orphan point and fell to the sixteenth place.

Al-Ahly dominated most of the first half, to score two goals 6 minutes after the start of the whistle after breaking through Karim Fouad The right side and sent an elaborate cross that was shot by Mohamed Sharif on the left Mr. RedaFouad penetrated again into the interior defense and hit a ball that rebounded from the goalkeeper, to find the follower Hamdi Fathi, who put it in the net (6).

From an organized attack by the interior, the Nigerian Christopher John passed by Akram Tawfiq and shot from inside the penalty area, rebounding from Muhammad Al-Shennawi, to find the uncensored Fanom Alfred in the net (13).

Al-Ahly players continued the pressure and removed Mr. Fouad’s header to a corner with difficulty (26), and the latter almost crowned his effort with a third goal after receiving the ball on the edge of the penalty area and dribbled with Abdel Aziz Al-Sayed and shot that rebounded from the left post (30), before adding the third after receiving a through pass from Mohamed Magdy “afshah” inside the penalty area, he shot it to the right of the goalkeeper (47).

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Fouad continued his brilliance by scoring his second personal goal and the fourth for his team with a second pass from “Afshah”, which he shot to the right of the goalkeeper (54).

The South African alternative missed a certain opportunity after receiving a pass from “Afshah” alone, but he hit the goalkeeper’s body (85).