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وكالة الفضاء المصرية تستضيف وفدًا من جامعة الجلالة

The Egyptian Space Agency hosts a delegation from El Galala University

10:26 PM

Monday 20 June 2022


Today, Monday, the Egyptian Space Agency received a delegation from El-Galalah University, including faculty members and students, headed by Dr. Mohamed El-Shennawy, Acting President of El-Galalah National University, to discuss ways of cooperation between the university and the Egyptian Space Agency.

Dr. Muhammad Al-Qousi, CEO of the Agency, and Dr. Muhammad Khalil Iraqi, Deputy CEO of the Agency, received a delegation from Al-Jalala University and welcomed the delegation’s leaders, faculty members and students.

The visit began with a scientific tour inside the agency, passing through the satellite assembly and testing center, then the agency’s labs from the engineering model lab, then the educational satellite lab, ending with the thermal room lab and the clean room for assembling the experimental satellite.

Then Waseem Issa, the director of the “Universities Moon” project, gave a presentation to the students, explaining and explaining the mechanism of the project’s work, and the participations that took place during the project, noting that 200 students from 27 colleges in 17 Egyptian universities participated in the fifth course of training; To produce engineering models for satellite sub-systems as graduation projects for them.

Then, Eng. Tamer Mohamed Anwar presented a presentation on how the Egyptian Space Agency set up a gradual training program to serve Egyptian university students, which is divided into escalating stages that start with a space day at the university and in the faculties of engineering, computers and information and some disciplines from the faculties of science, then the most in-depth stage of training, which includes several Specialized scientific lectures in all satellite systems. These lectures exceed 20 lectures over a period of two weeks or more. Then they enter into the practical training phase, which extends for more than a month and a half, in which students, as groups, make a mini-design of a sub-system of satellite systems, each in their specialty, and from He who successfully passes these training stages is nominated to enter a graduation project according to the agreement made between the agency and the faculties to which these groups of students are affiliated.

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The Galala University team expressed their happiness with the visit and the intensive presentation in one day of understanding the nature of the design, construction and testing of satellites, through a tour of visits to the laboratories or through the number of lectures prepared by the Agency’s experts in different disciplines, which largely reflected the size of the effort that is being done in the design, manufacture and testing of sub-systems for satellites.