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The electric successor to the Lexus LFA will be equipped with a manual transmission

The electric successor to the Lexus LFA will be equipped with a manual transmission

Lexus Cars management has confirmed shocking information about the electric successor to the LFA supersport. The launch of the new model is set for 2030 and customers certainly have something to look forward to. The car was first introduced last year As part of the launch of 15 Toyota and Lexus models.

Called Electrified Sport, the concept was so eccentric at first sight that few expected its serial production. The team around Lexus chief engineer Takashi Watanabe has been adapting it for production for months, which everyone seems to be really enjoying.

Unlike most other sports electric cars, the novelty will not arrive on a traditional platform, for example on the Lexus e-TNGA EV chassis, but engineers have prepared for it a radical and tailor-made architecture known from GT3 racing cars. This will allow them to put a whole host of unique and technologically advanced functions into the electric vehicle.

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The most notable innovation will be the manual transmission for electric vehicles, which has yet to appear in any mass-produced electric vehicle. It’s a software system, but the car has it, just like a classic car with a manual transmission, the clutch pedal and gear lever. And even a tachometer.

According to Watanabe, the idea comes from “undisciplined engineers” who want to bring the experience of electric cars as close as possible to combustion cars. The throttle mapping is also supposed to be close to internal combustion cars – and the car is supposed to have the ability to “shut off” on careless starting.

Among other things, the car will also come with “by wire” steering and braking, a technology used, for example, in the Lexus RZ 450e. The electric motor’s power will then be transmitted to all four wheels using Direct4 drive. Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in about two seconds and a range of around 700 km per charge are also expected.

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