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The Emirates is affected by an air depression and forecasts of rain

T + NS – normal size

The National Center of Meteorology expected the country to be affected by a shallow air depression from the east accompanied by moist easterly winds, with an upper air depression extending from the north accompanied by a cold air mass. With the presence of the eastern mountains, clouds form to the east and north and extend over the sea and some coastal areas and islands.

Some clouds are expected on Sunday to the east and the far north of the country, with the possibility of rain, the upper depression deepening over the country on Monday and Tuesday, to increase the amount of clouds in some areas, especially the eastern and northern regions, extending over the sea and some coastal areas and islands, accompanied by rain.

On Wednesday, the impact of the depression on the country recedes, as the amount of clouds decreases, with the continued appearance of low clouds over some eastern and coastal areas and islands, with the possibility of light rain during the day and the weather becoming partly cloudy in the evening.

Winds are light to moderate in speed, active at times on the sea and with cumulus clouds. There is a decrease in temperature and the sea is turbulent at times, especially in the west and with cumulus clouds in the Arabian Gulf and the Sea of ​​Oman.

As for Thursday: The depression will move towards the east, away from the country, so the weather will become stable, moderate in temperature in general, and partly cloudy to clear and humid at night and in the early morning, with the possibility of fog or light mist forming, and light sea waves in the Arabian Gulf and the Sea of ​​Oman in general.

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The center is following the situation around the clock and appealed to everyone to follow the bulletins and reports issued by the center and not to circulate rumors.