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Konec roku 2024 oficiálně přináší povinnost USB-C v EU

The end of 2024 officially brings USB-C commitment in the European Union


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Today, the European Union published an official directive that brings changes to the charging of consumer electronics. Although MPs had already voted for this piece in October this year, the entire opinion has only now been made public. The 14-page document contains a total of 24 reasons. In addition to the mandatory deployment of USB-C, it enforces compliance with the USB Power Delivery standard.

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Starting Saturday, December 28, 2024, all cable-charged devices will have to include a USB-C port if manufacturers intend to hit store shelves within the European Union. In addition, the same law will apply to laptops from April 28, 2026. Member states have until December 28, 2023 to publish amended laws so that everything complies with this directive.

The charging cable isn’t the only subject of change, as all products that support charging at power above 15W must now support the USB Power Delivery standard. As a result, not only Apple and the iPhone are waiting for changes, which will certainly adapt, but the question remains for how long. The entire guidance doesn’t yet mention wireless charging at all, so the California giant could easily be among the first to bring a phone without any input.

Finally, the latest innovation is the commitment to display a logo on the sales packaging, which is supposed to indicate whether or not a charger end is included. And in the case of the package, mark the exact shipping speed range directly on it.

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EU Charger 1692x840x

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Mandatory labels on sales packages / Source:

resources: eur-lex.europa.euAnd the

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