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The England defender reveals that he suffers from "mental problems"

The England defender reveals that he suffers from “mental problems”

London (dpa)

England defender Tyrone Mings revealed that he suffered from mental health problems during his participation in the European Football Championship “Euro 2020”, as he felt that 95% of the fans questioned his capabilities.

Aston Villa defender Mings replaced his injured teammate Harry Maguire in England’s first two matches against Croatia and Scotland, as the latter was recovering from an ankle injury, British news agency BA Media reported.

Mings said in comments reported by the British newspaper “Sun”: “I had a difficult time in the period leading up to the first match against Croatia.

“I think I’m more reactive to outside influences at the moment, but my mental health has plummeted and I’m not ashamed to admit it, because there were a lot of things people didn’t know about my first two games,” he added.

“You were probably the only name on the squad that people had doubts about, and that had to be overcome, when 90 or 95 percent of people have doubts about you, it’s hard for you to get that out of your mind,” Mings said.

“So I did a lot of work with my psychiatrist, it was hard to sleep well before the first match,” he explained.

American gymnast Simone Biles made the event at the Olympics, after withdrawing from several competitions due to mental health issues, while English cricketer Ben Stokes decided to take an open break from the game due to the same problem.

Mings, 28, said: “It’s great that we are playing at a time when you can talk about your mental health and how you feel. We saw with Simone Biles that we can talk about how we feel and hope to receive support from people.

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