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The entrance to Isca is unstable. Pvalov det could be caused by mudslides here Vda

During severe and long-term falciparum events, the soil is saturated with water and the cohesion of the material is disturbed, which on the slopes can cause very dangerous mudslides and rock flows, sometimes referred to as debris flows.

Although we hear about these phenomena mainly from the outside, is there such a thing in our country? This question was answered by geomorphologists at Jana E Jana Smolková and Vt Vilmek of the Department of Physical Geography and Geo-Ecology at Prodovdeck College at Charles University and other colleagues.

The occurrence of so-called jet streams also occurs on our Earth, although it is very rare. Thus, their occurrence is strictly limited to the area of ​​the highest comforts, its strength is so great and the trajectory is so sudden that it can be known to be dangerous. Many of these current currents, which preceded the events, were recorded, for example, in the Biskidi Mountains, the Giant Mountains, the Jysinka escapes, the Jezera or Gavornk Mountains.

Although one of the incline deformation pins is known to be the first severe and long-acting protrusions, the exact conditions of origin have not been examined in detail. Therefore, the researchers focused on a detailed analysis of the past conditions of one of the current currents in the Javornky Mountains in the upper Lemen from June 2, 2010. To do this, they used data from 1983 from three public stations in the immediate vicinity at distances of 7, 12 and 20 km. Since the area of ​​variation in carpet is known in mountainous regions, in the immediate vicinity of the occurrence of torrents, a new cricket station was established, which was from June 29, 2012 to July 16, 2016. Thanks to data comparison, it was easier to understand mstn variability srek.

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The researchers analyzed the srky in great detail during the entire period when the weather stations were operating, between 1983 and 2018. For each day, they calculated a cumulative of srky 2, 3, 5, 10, 20, 30, 60 days and so on – an indicator called srek previous 5 and 10, 20, 30 and 60 dn. The preceding precipitation index is influenced by precipitation amount and evapotranspirac and shows return precipitation and soil moisture conditions, which are naturally influenced by local climates and occur in the spacetime range.

It was interesting to note that during the period under review, sickle pits occurred several times, which in 2010 exceeded the induced current many times, but days of ramp deformation were not recorded. The instability of the material was not caused by just one parameter, but by its combination. In the particular case, it was mainly a combination of 30-day cumulative mounds combined with one- and three-day rump and the general progression of the condition rickets. These parameters were to form the current flow to the top of the Lemen, according to the individual extreme conditions.

In addition to a fresh look at the extreme conditions for the formation of rolling currents, the importance of selecting the location of the pressure gauge is more important for determining the cut-off values ​​of the flow rates. Due to mountain science, especially in mountains, gravel piles can be very different in terms of short distance and local and smaller slag values ​​can be flaking.

Although the occurrence of so-called debris flows is relatively unique in our country, the current study of the initial conditions for the emergence of a steady stream in the Javornky Mountains is known to accurately predict these dangerous phenomena not only in our country. Workers’ Party, we’ll get it ready!

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