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The epidemic in the UK is almost over as people live near herd immunity

The epidemic in the UK is almost over as people live near herd immunity


With a population very close to herd immunity, a leading scientist said the epidemic has come to an end in the UK.

Experts are confused by the fall, school closures, the end of the European Football Championship and the hot weather, which means more outsiders may be behind the numbers.

However, Dr David Mathews, a virologist at the University of Bristol, insists the UK herd may be closer to immunity.

He Tell the telegram: “As far as herd immunity is concerned – that is, the virus is available to everyone, so most people have immune memory – I think we are very close to that.

“Given that nothing really spectacular has happened in the left sector, the epidemic is so high in the UK that I suspect we will not see a significant increase this winter.

“It is better to close the gap between the last 10 per cent of those who are not vaccinated as soon as possible. Everyone will eventually face the virus. It is best to vaccinate them. ”

According to ONS statistics, nearly 92 percent of adults in the UK have antibodies to the virus that are not caused by the virus or are vaccinated.

Dr Megan Cole, a UK public health epidemiologist, says the data show that people 24 or older are “very close to herd immunity.”

Paul Hunter, a medical professor at the University of East Anglia, said mixing the crowd to watch the Euro 2020 football match would lead to the crowd’s immunity.