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The episode of opportunity brings together Kamel Al-Basha, Sawsan Badr and Hassan Al-Raddad on the Shahid platform

The episode of opportunity brings together Kamel Al-Basha, Sawsan Badr and Hassan Al-Raddad on the Shahid platform

Posted on: Thursday, December 16, 2021 – 5:00 pm | Last update: Thursday, December 16, 2021 – 5:00 PM

The Shahid platform is showing the second episode of the “Out of Control” series, entitled “The Opportunity” directed by Ahmed Khaled, which revolves around Tawfiq, the general manager of a major company, who announces a competition between two of his employees, Hani and Sharif, for one of them to obtain the position of deputy director. He invites them with their wives to his haunted, suspicious palace, where he resides with his wife, and begins a contest in stages in order to choose between them, until he reaches the decisive final stage. The test is based on choosing between a job or a wife.

Hassan Al-Raddad explains that it is the first time he has presented this genre, and it is an opportunity to work with a talented and capable director of this type, such as Ahmed Khaled, adding: “The oldest character Hani, and I listened very much to her performance, as he lives a struggle that may apply to all people,” stressing that “” Horror in general is not often found in cinema or in drama, and several elements gathered that increased my enthusiasm to participate in this episode.

The Palestinian artist Kamel Al-Basha, who is presenting his first roles in the Egyptian drama, said, “I am playing the role of Tawfiq, who is a wealthy person. The employees are subject to a competition to choose a deputy for him in the company, and the episode is about this competition and the confrontations it witnesses, which Tawfiq and his wife Camelia enjoy ( Sawsan Badr), in a rather frightening way.

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Al-Basha praised the cooperation with Sawsan Badr, saying: “This is a positive opportunity to meet and act with her, and she is a fun and hardworking person during filming.”

For her part, the artist, Sawsan Badr, said that she presents the character of “Camelia”, a wealthy, aristocratic woman, but all the time we cannot know if she is a real character or not, and if she is honest or not! And this is what we discover in the course of events. She explained that “the woman is completely compatible with her husband in ideas, as they put people under tests that contain suspense and excitement.”

And about working with Kamel Al-Basha, she says: “I am one of this actor’s audience, as he is of great artistic value.” She concludes by saying, “I am always looking for new roles that surprise the viewer, and what frightens me the most is that I reach a stage where I am unable to present the new.”

As for the artist, Mohamed Shaheen, he says, “The oldest role is Sharif, and he is a normal person with ambitions, and he may be satisfied with making some concessions sometimes to reach what he wants,” explaining that “the work is more exciting than horror, and there is a game in which people may lose a lot.”

He adds, “I am happy to work again with Sawsan Badr, and my first meeting with actor Kamel Al-Basha, and they form a beautiful duo, as well as with Hassan Al-Raddad, who will be enemies throughout the episode, and they are colleagues at work, whom the company manager Tawfiq turns into competitors for a position.” .

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