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The EU summit will focus on post-crisis recovery and trade with India

The EU summit will focus on post-crisis recovery and trade with India

Updates: 08.05.2021 00:23

PORTO / BRUSSELS – The European Union’s post-pandemic economic recovery will be the main focus of today’s informal meeting of the heads and prime ministers of member states. During the second day of the meeting in Porto, Portugal, they will discuss how to make the best use of investing in crises to support a climate-friendly digital economy. Ultimately, he will communicate remotely with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The morning discussion will also revolve around the social impact of coronavirus infection, which has worsened the living conditions of millions of people. Heads of state and government, in a joint statement, should agree that governments will focus on creating new ones or working harder to achieve equality in working conditions for men and women, rather than saving current conditions at risk of crises.

In the afternoon, the summit will conclude with a video meeting with the prime minister of the world’s second most populous country. According to EU officials, the two sides must agree to resume negotiations on a trade and investment agreement, which they want to conclude, also due to concerns about China’s growing influence. India has reduced or lifted some restrictions on exports from European Union countries in recent decades, but it is still collecting high tariffs on imports of some agricultural products or cars.

European Union-Portugal Summit on Coronavirus

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