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The European Court confirmed a fine of 4.1 billion euros from Google

The European Court confirmed a fine of 4.1 billion euros from Google

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Since 2018, the European Union has been in conflict with Google, the essence of which is that manufacturers of devices with an operating system must follow a strict set of rules. If manufacturers do not comply with these strict rules, they will be threatened with revocation of their licenses for the Play Store and Android. As part of these rules, they also adhere to apps that must be installed beforehand.

But the European Court of Justice confirmed the European Commission’s decision, although it reduced the fine from 4.34 billion euros to 4.125 billion euros. The court said it largely asserted that Google was illegally imposing restrictions on mobile device manufacturers to reinforce its dominant position. At the same time, the court added that 80% of mobile devices in the European Union are Android devices.

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In principle, the following three matters bothered the court:

  1. All mobile devices must pre-install Google Chrome Internet browser and Google search engine

  2. At the same time, the device manufacturer had to commit not to develop its own version of Android

  3. Paying a share of advertising revenue was conditional on Google’s obligation not to pre-install competing search engines.

When assessing the amount of the fine, the court took into account the introduction of illegal practices and the amount of Google’s income last year. Of course, Google wants to scrap the ruling entirely, but it probably won’t get it. The only option left for Google is to appeal to the Court of Justice of the European Union.

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However, there is no indication that Google will do so. Then a Google spokesperson said: “We are disappointed that the court did not overturn the decision completely. Android has achieved more for everyone, not less, by supporting thousands of successful businesses in Europe and around the world.”