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The European Investment Bank joined the Infrastructure Development Association as a member

The European Investment Bank joined the Infrastructure Development Association as a member

April 16, 2021, Lan

16.4. – The European Investment Bank (EIB) became a full member of the Infrastructure Development Association (ARI) in March 2021. Thus, it will actively participate in the preparation of joint conferences and outreach activities while at the same time intensifying cooperation with other ARI members within the working group to finance the infrastructure. The cooperation will focus mainly on infrastructure and support for public-private partnership projects and achieving the goals of the Green Agreement for Europe.

“As the European Union’s climate bank, the EIB is firmly committed to supporting the green transition and we see the introduction of sustainable financing as a major step in this direction. The EIB plays an important role, particularly in developing and financing green investments that are resilient to climate change. Natalie Bennett, President of the European Investment Bank Group in Prague, stated that ARI is the main financier of our public infrastructure as our natural partner in the Czech Republic, and we are pleased to be able to strengthen our cooperation and join efforts in promoting sustainable investment.

The European Investment Bank is the European Union bank and one of the largest multinational financial institutions. The role of the European Investment Bank Group is to support investment by providing long-term financing, guarantees and advisory services. The group’s activities focus on six priority areas: climate and environment, infrastructure, innovation and skills, small and medium-sized enterprises, development and cohesion. Starting in 2020, the European Investment Bank has become the European Union’s climate bank after approving its climate change plan, with ambitious goals to provide 50% of its financing for climate action by 2025 and mobilize € 1 trillion to invest in climate and environmental sustainability by 2025. 2030 in the Republic In the Czech Republic, the European Investment Bank Group has supported investments of more than 23.2 billion euros since 1992.

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The European Investment Bank is very active in supporting the public and private sectors, providing project financing, including public-private partnership projects. It also provides expert advice on public-private partnerships through its expert team from EPEC – the European PPP Expertise Center. EPEC’s mission is to support the public sector across Europe to ensure better public-private partnerships. This is done through three pillars of activities – supporting the preparation of PPP projects, supporting the development of the PPP methodology and the exchange of best practices.

The European Investment Bank also supports the Czech Republic with technical assistance, in particular through the activities of the European Center for Investment Advising (EIAH). In general, the EIB supports advice through local governments through the “URBIS” advisory program or assists in the preparation of energy efficiency projects through “European Local Energy Aid” (ELENA). Currently, the EIB is supporting, among other things, the Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic in preparing the D35 motorway division in the form of PPP and ČMZRB in setting up an advisory center. The bank is also working on three technical assistance projects from ELENA for energy efficiency investments for the Central Bohemia region, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic and ČMZRB.

“We value the long-term cooperation with the European Investment Bank. Entering the European Investment Bank among the full members of ARI is a huge commitment for us, but it is primarily a recognition of our work, what ARI is doing and where it is heading. Investing in the green and digital economy and sustainable public infrastructure requires thinking New approaches, new approaches and new ways of financing.Thomas Janeba, President of ARI, said the common goal is to share information between members and collaborate on new products and innovative solutions.

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