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The European Parliament has designated a new space agency based in Prague

The European Parliament has designated a new space agency based in Prague

“The approval of the regulation for the European Space Program is an important milestone for the Prague-based GSA, which, through its transition to EUSPA, significantly expands its scope and enhances its efficiencies,” said Transport Minister Karel Havlicek.

In addition to satellite navigation, it will focus on Earth observation, satellite communications, innovation and space security.

Orbit traffic control

So far the separate satellite programs for navigation – Galileo and EGNOS – and for Earth observation – Copernicus – are part of a major new program, which also introduces a new component of GOVSATCOM telecommunications and near-Earth observation systems, including space segmentation and traffic in ever-increasing orbits .

An illustration of the European Service’s Copernicus satellite


“Satellite systems provide great opportunities in their construction and data processing in services. The program therefore represents an opportunity for companies, innovators and Czech research institutes,” said Ondřej Šváb, Head of Space Technologies and Applications at the Ministry of Transport.

“Satellite navigation and Earth observation are used in a wide range of areas, such as transportation, logistics, agriculture, natural resource management, environmental monitoring, and smart cities. Autonomous systems will also depend to a large extent on satellite services.”

The program is managed by the European Commission, which, in addition to EUSPA, will work closely with the European Space Agency (ESA), which also participates in its Czech programs. The European Space Agency will be responsible for building satellite systems and preparing new technologies.

The program will launch in June

“This is one of the reasons why space experts, business people and scientists from all over Europe will meet here. EUSPA will open a number of new jobs, and it is also an opportunity for Czech experts,” added Kopera.

According to Jamilka, the ministerial spokesperson, the official launch of the European Space Program is scheduled for June 22. It will be held in Brussels, after negotiating the so-called Framework Financial Partnership Agreement between the European Commission, EUSPA and ESA.