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"The European Space Agency is in an unenviable position" .. the West admits its dependence on Russian scientists

“The European Space Agency is in an unenviable position” .. the West admits its dependence on Russian scientists

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According to ABC News, Western scientists are aware of the importance and role of Russia in the field of science in the world.

ABC News notes that Western scholars are concerned that their Russian colleagues will be isolated due to the sanctions imposed by the United States and the European Union on Russia. According to them, without the help of Russia it is not possible to conduct integrated studies in the Arctic, space and other areas.

According to German climate scientist Markus Rex, restrictions on Russia will harm science. “It is very difficult to conduct studies in the Arctic while ignoring Russia’s position in the region,” he says.

The German scientist points out that the international mission he headed in 2019-2020 could not have accomplished its mission without the powerful Russian icebreakers.

He says the European Space Agency is in an unenviable position. Because she doesn’t know how the Martian rover will survive the very cold nights on the Red Planet without Russian heaters. So now it has to replace all the Russian sensors for research and study of the Martian environment as well as the search for an alternative transport missile for the Russian one.

For his part, Josef Asbacher, President of the European Space Agency, declared that the exchange of scientific expertise is necessary for Western and Russian scientists alike, because they worked side by side to solve complex problems and tasks, from discovering the power of the atom to launching Earth sounding devices into space.

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“Relying on each other creates stability and mutual trust to some extent,” he says. “This may be lost by the current situation.”

Professor Adrian Moxorotti of Imperial College London points to the lack of Russian experience in other fields, pointing to the superiority of Russian devices and equipment that were used to study the Earth’s magnetic field.