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The European Union announces the freezing of "personal assets" of Putin and Lavrov

The European Union announces the freezing of “personal assets” of Putin and Lavrov

The European Union announced new sanctions, including freezing the personal assets of Russian President Vladimir Putin and Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, after Russia’s military operation in Ukraine.

On the second day of the Russian invasion, Moscow, attacking from the east, north, and south, seemed to have Kiev in its sights.

Clashes were reported between the two sides, with Ukrainian forces blowing up a bridge in an attempt to slow Russia’s advance. Western officials earlier warned that Russia was building “overwhelming force” to seize the city.

People in the northern Obolon region were asked to stay at home to avoid “active military operations” by city officials on Friday.

The Ministry of Defense had appealed to the people of the area, through its Facebook page, to “inform us of the troop movements and build Molotov cocktails to neutralize the enemy.”

Families took refuge in Kiev metro stations as air attacks hit the city, including the densely populated Poznyaki district, injuring at least eight.

For his part, Putin, in a televised speech, threatened any country trying to intervene with “consequences the likes of which you have not experienced before.”

The military operation began with air raids and missile attacks on cities and military bases, before tanks crawled from three ports on the vast Ukrainian border. And things came to this point after weeks of escalating tension, and the massing of Russian forces on Ukraine’s borders.