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The European Union approved the form of passports for COVID

The European Union approved the form of passports for COVID

Member states have agreed that cross-border travel will allow people who have been vaccinated or who have tested positive or have antibodies after contracting a disease. At the same time, they should not impose additional conditions on certificate holders, such as quarantine. Countries can only impose additional restrictions in exceptional cases, such as the virus re-spread.

Members of the European Parliament have called for free examinations to be made available to people as part of the certification. While the vaccination is free in the European Union, tests before traveling abroad are usually paid. However, some EU countries did not want to accept this condition without reservation. In the end, the agreed settlement stipulates “available tests”, which the European Union will help countries pay for. According to Lopez Aguilar, the European Commission will set aside 100 million euros (more than 2.5 billion crowns) for testing and, if necessary, have other funds in reserve.

The certification will contain the necessary minimum of personal data and will not be a necessary condition for cross-border travel, it will only facilitate it. The European Parliament must finally approve the introduction of passports in a plenary session in the first half of June, with the approval of member states soon. According to UNHCR, the Covid passports may be operational by the end of June.

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