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The European Union calls for a sharp response: country leaders are discussing a complete ban on transit through Belarus

The European Union calls for a sharp response: country leaders are discussing a complete ban on transit through Belarus

On Monday, the heads and prime ministers of the European bloc member states will agree to disrupt all transit traffic through Belarus or ban the landing of Belarusian airlines in the European Union, who in Brussels will discuss a joint response to the compulsory Sunday. Civil aircraft landing in Belarus.

Among other proposals, according to diplomats, is to extend the sanctions list Belarusian Actors, which includes more than eighty names, including the president Alexandra Lukashenko. European The leaders talk before the evening talks about the need for a strong response.

On Sunday, the Belarusian authorities forced the plane onto the route from Greece to Lithuania Make an emergency landing in Minsk so that they can arrest journalists and opposition activist Raman Bratasevich. According to Russian media, this threatens to imprison him for 15 years in the country for his mass riots.

Meanwhile, as of Tuesday, the Lithuanian authorities have banned aircraft from Lithuania or from Belarus.

The head of European Union diplomacy, Josep Borrell, on behalf of the member states, condemned the Belarusian approach as another attempt to silence dissent while at the same time endangering the security of hundreds of passengers. According to Borrell’s statement, European Union leaders will consider “the consequences of this action, including taking action against those responsible.” EU diplomacy has also summoned the Belarus ambassador to the European Union to show strong opposition.

According to diplomats, heads of state and government will have a host of proposals on the table, ranging from punishing those responsible and banning Belavia flights to the European Union, to completely disrupting air and land transport across Belarus.

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According to Agence France-Presse, the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) announced that it is monitoring the situation and has recommended that national aviation authorities consider the safety of flights over Belarus.

“We will work with international partners to close Belarusian airspace for international flights,” said Lithuanian Prime Minister Ingrida Shimonetti, whose country is a supporter of the toughest possible path against the Lukashenko regime.

In contrast to attitudes toward Russia or China, EU countries in recent months have relatively easily agreed on a strong approach to Belarus, which, according to diplomats, is due to less state influence or weak trade relations with the EU.

Due to the rigging of elections last year, the European bloc did not recognize Lukashenko as president and has repeatedly condemned the suppression of dissent. The federation has expanded several times the list of sanctions it presented last year, which includes dozens of representatives of the regime and several institutions and companies.

Video: Screenshot of a Ryanair plane landing in Minsk

Belarus, with the help of a fighter jet, diverted the Ryanair plane to arrest a member of the opposition. | Video: Reuters