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The European Union is moving to reduce border tensions with Britain over Gibraltar

The European Union is moving to reduce border tensions with Britain over Gibraltar

EU member states have eased tensions with the United Kingdom by dropping Brussels’ proposal to Spanish authorities to restrict Gibraltar, one of the sticking points after Britain’s exit from the European Union, from entering the United Kingdom.

The diplomats, in an exclusive statement to the newspaper on Wednesday, said at a meeting of EU ambassadors they met last night that member states had agreed to a proposal that Frendex and Pan-EU border guards be stationed at the port. Gibraltar Airport with local authorities.

The move is the future of the landscape in line with the British-Spanish agreement on New Year’s Day, according to the British newspaper.

The newspaper added: The purpose of the talks between the two sides was to facilitate its moves to Spain by annexing Gibraltar to the EU’s Schengen Free Zone, which would turn British foreign territory into part of the camp’s outer borders.

The European Commission provoked outrage in the United Kingdom last July when London published draft guidelines for negotiations that were considered to be out of agreement with London by inviting Spron’s border officials to monitor the ports of Gibraltar, while Dominic Robb ‘ “And put forward this idea.

British and Spanish diplomats eased changes in the EU’s negotiating path, and the European Commission argued that similar demands could be triggered elsewhere – for example in Northern Ireland – both Madrid and London should pursue practical solutions. Post-Brexit Relationships. Britain from the European Union.

The situation in Gibraltar after Brexit is of great importance because the region is dependent on the daily transfer of about 115,000 workers from Spain and the exchange of vital goods such as food. As a result, the region enjoys closer ties with Spain, like the Schengen member, Gibraltar had Gibraltar in the Schengen zone, which does not have an EU passport, than it did when it was a member of the United Kingdom, which would avoid a difficult border to avoid. Spain, half the workforce in this region.

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