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The European Union promised immunity in July. Umon makes this unique contract with Pfizer, the world’s largest vaccine supplier | SVT

Brussels Regarding the coronavirus pandemic, the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, was considered a messenger at first. Given the limitations of deliveries agreed by some manufacturers as well as weights, whether the committee should prefer to bet on more expensive mRNA-based vaccines. These eventually proved to be reliable.

On the contrary, von der Leyen tries to create optimistic messages. Among other things, by mid-July, 70 percent of the population of the European Union should be present.

This means achieving the so-called group immunity, which, according to virologists, is necessary for the disease to grow. Originally, with a similar provocation, the potato got in

Von der Leyen said this at the Pfizer plant in Puurs, Belgium, about a kilometer from Brussels. First, this company (in cooperation with the German company BioNTech) will be the future supplier of vaccines to the European Union. By 2023, 27 countries should receive 1.8 billion yards from it.

This is the largest order to supply a vaccine in the world. It is intended to serve adult and adult fetters throughout the European Union. The New York Times reported that the treaty originated several months ago for one man, led by von der Leyen and two Pfizer companies, Albert Burla.

A space for vaccination diplomacy in the European Union

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In the past two decades with the company, the authority acquired 600 million doors from Pfizer / BioNTech. It is not yet known how much the European Union will have to pay for the contract. When the deal struck the first hundreds of millions of doors last year, Politico’s server, for example, estimated the price at one at 15.5 euros. The contract also includes an agreement relating not only to the final vaccine, but also to two of the 280 ingredients needed to produce it.

At the same time, the European Union will be able to obtain a vaccine for a long time, or donate it to those who cannot conclude their own contracts. The 27-year-old could start his vaccination diplomacy, which has been going on for several weeks in Russia or, in a smaller place, in Serbia towards the western Three Balkans.

First, the union was now intending to reject the region. And recently, it decided to send six hundred regions with 651,000 gates, to arrive next May.