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The exhibition of coins in Pardubice Palace is unique.  Now I have received a prestigious award

The exhibition of coins in Pardubice Palace is unique. Now I have received a prestigious award

The exhibition of the East Bohemian Museum was very successful in the national competition for museums Gloria musaealis. 52 museums and galleries with nearly 80 projects were presented for the 20th year, which was jointly announced by the Ministry of Culture, the Federation of Museums and Galleries of the Czech Republic and the Czech ICOM. The strongest category was the Museum exhibition of 2021. The second place was won by the Museum of East Bohemia exhibition in this category, in which 33 projects participated.

Coin gallery “You will not take money to the grave” is not only for connoisseurs. Presents the history of Czech coins and the evolution of monetary systems in an engaging way, in both a European and a global context. The permanent exhibition also includes the treasury of coins and medals Zdeněk Kolářský, a prominent Czech sculptor and medalist.

Unique gluing castle tour

The basement of Pardubice Palace has long been inaccessible to the public. Visitors to the exhibition also have the opportunity to see the oldest parts of the northern wing of Pardubice Palace. That is, those that were created before the reconstruction of the Renaissance, which was initiated by the most famous owners of the Pardubets Palace, the Bernstein family.

Part of a numismatic exhibition The Millennium Tradition of Czech Currency

The Museum of East Bohemia operates one of the largest coin collections in the Czech Republic. The author of the concept for the new exhibition is the Czech historian and numismatist Peter Forel. The exhibition is intended for the general public to enjoy. At the exhibition, for example, you can print a coin based on a thousand-year-old Czech dinar of Prince Boleslav II. The history of monetary systems is accompanied by rich text and multimedia commentaries.

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Clear history and metal treasures

The exhibition is divided into four main parts. The Millennium Tradition of Czech Coinage will tell you about the history of monetary systems in the Czech lands, from the oldest Czech coins of Prince Boleslav II. Even current banknotes. A special safe room was also opened for visitors to the numismatic exhibition. Here the so-called Chýště treasure, which includes more than half a thousand silver coins, dinars from the beginnings of the Czech state, is on display. They have been hidden underground for more than a thousand years.

Part of the exhibition is devoted to the history of the Czech tolar, from which the dollar was developed

We will not know who and why buried the container with coins in the landscape near today’s Chýště in the Pardubice region. In any case, this is an exceptional group, on a European scale. The Dinar treasure was discovered in 2015, and in the exhibition you will also see the ship in which the treasure was originally located. In one of the dinosaurs, the first Czech word, “God”, was engraved.

Dollars are born from Yachimov Tolars

You can start your own dinars in the gallery

A unique feature of the exhibition is a look at the history of the dollar coin. The dollar is called the Czech Tolar. They were high-purity silver coins, minted in Jáchymov (Joachimstal) since 1520. At first the coins were called the goldsmith of Jáchymov (Joachimhaler Golden Grouch), later only thaler (Czech Tolar or Tolar). The local name for the Czech minting, the name Tulare, began to be used in other countries as a general designation for large silver coins of high purity. This name was changed to English and Dutch, and the way the dollar coin was named led to active business.

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