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The EZ Dividend Lobby Or Should EZ Really Help The Energy Crisis With Dividends And Billions For "First Parties"?

The EZ Dividend Lobby Or Should EZ Really Help The Energy Crisis With Dividends And Billions For “First Parties”?

Asco il energy crisis Consider the possibilities and forms of the same. We often work with formulas like “helping members” or “helping the needy” a lot, i.e. helping the poor and the middle class Populationwhich is on current crisis most debt

That’s a shame, I’ll be posting more about it today as a result of EZthe possibility of payment is mentioned as one earnings This company is clear from the origin and comprehensive development energy crisis.
Would such a real benefit and would it be a “necessary” problem?

From uvdn share structure on the site itself EZ It can be concluded that in particular only a hundred or at best very limited.

End In 2021 about 70% a job owned stt, about 16.3% of primary subjects and about 13.7% of normal subjects. According to the perfect good EZ I wanted to pay 60-80% certain profit from that year. on the horn the border The spread could be around 50 billion for this year for simplicity’s sake. to me.
This means that nearly 35 billion will go to condition Cash registers, just over 8 billion in key people’s pockets (lots of foreign banks and institutions – eg Clearstream B. about 1 billion, Chase Nominees less than 1 billion and given) and less than 7 billion to me You will only touch normal people.

Bidstava, I EZ . stock The “poor and needy” themselves, who have trouble paying their bills, seem indifferent, and it is therefore characteristic that stt Considering his efforts to help upmn, he should look for someone else roads One. Preferably to leave pensions directly in the hands of the “essential”.

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