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The fans beat the champion of Colombia!

The fans beat the champion of Colombia!

Reda Saleem (Dubai)

The Colombian League witnessed unfortunate events, during the match Cortolo and its guest Deportivo Cali, in the “13th round”, after the fans of Deportivo Cali, the “title holder”, stormed the stadium and attacked the players, and the video of the fans descending to the “green rectangle” spread on the communication sites, where 1,400 of the players stormed The fans of the visiting team in the stadium in the 82nd minute, and tried to verbally and physically attack the technical staff and players, in protest against the negative results of the team this season.
The result indicated that Courtolois advanced with two goals, the play stopped, and the audience did not find hope that the team would return to the match, and skirmishes began by attacking the players from the stands, before the audience rushed to the stadium.

The players of the two teams and the refereeing staff fled to the dressing rooms, but some players were beaten, including Deportivo Cali striker Teofilo Gutierrez, who was “punched” in the face, and the fans kicked him as he ran to escape from the stadium, and team coach Mayer Candelo was injured in the shoulder, after he was attacked .
And the Deportivo Cali administration announced in an official statement that coach Mayer Candelo submitted his resignation, and the rest of the coaching staff, in protest of what the fans had done, two months after he took office, to succeed Venezuelan Rafael Dudamel.
Deportivo Cali occupies the last place among 20 teams in the Colombian Football League, with 8 points, after 13 rounds, which were collected from one win, 5 draws, and 7 defeats. Past.

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