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The FBI steps into Giuliani Trump's apartment

The FBI steps into Giuliani Trump’s apartment

Federal authorities have long debated whether Giuliani illegally sought to influence the Trump administration’s decisions in 2019 in favor of some Ukrainian officials and oligarchs, who at the time were helping Giuliani find compromising materials on Joe Biden, who was then favored to run. Democrat. President.

According to the New York Times, investigators tried to obtain permission to search Giuliani’s apartment for several months, but the Justice Department allegedly tried to defend them during the Trump administration. After Biden’s inauguration in January this year, the ministry withdrew its objections.

Federal investigators should always seek advice from the Department of Justice if they want a search warrant with an attorney. This creates a risk that if evidence is obtained, they will be able to access information covered by legal professional secrecy. This was a more sensitive issue for Giuliani, as he was former President Trump’s personal attorney.

Giuliani’s activities in Ukraine raise questions

Although granting permission to search an apartment does not necessarily imply criminal charges, it does indicate, according to The New York Times, that the investigation has entered a new phase. In order to obtain investigators’ permission, judges had to present sufficient evidence that a crime was suspected and that the search was likely to provide evidence.

However, the investigators are also addressing the question of whether Giuliani did not seek Jovanovich’s appeal at the instigation of some Ukrainian officials and businessmen who had their own reasons for this.

Under US federal law, attempting to influence US government decisions as required or at the request of foreign officials is a criminal offense unless the Department of Justice is notified in advance.