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The fearsome Trojan is back in the arena again, depriving smartphone owners of money

The fearsome Trojan is back in the arena again, depriving smartphone owners of money

In the past year, the Trinity appeared several times in the rankings of the ten most widespread threats, but in recent months, the floor has literally fallen after that. But in May, security experts began to detect a significant increase in infections again, with a record 47 percent.

“This huge leap proves that attackers are looking at the Czechs as a profitable target, even though the volume of attacks is now stagnant. A large part of the existing malware developers were withdrawn, but they were immediately replaced by attackers with other malicious code,” said Martin Gerkal, Head of Analysis At the ESET branch in the Czech Republic.

financial manipulation

According to him, the main function of the triad is to manipulate financial transactions into legitimate applications. “Money for in-app purchases goes into the pockets of the attackers. These transactions are not as strictly protected as, for example, online banking. In older versions, Triada also posted unwanted advertisements,” Jerkal described the malicious code.

However, previous versions of Triad were able to interfere with an infected phone or tablet, after which they were paired with online banking. They can also edit SMS messages, which are still used to confirm payments.

The situation is more serious because SMS text messages are also used by a number of local banks to confirm individual changes to the account, but also, for example, to request pre-approved loans. Therefore, attackers can deprive users of funds that they do not have in their account.

Hiding in the device

According to him, the user usually downloads malware to the device itself, and more often from an unofficial store within an application that creates a legitimate impression.

The security expert concluded, “I therefore recommend downloading apps exclusively from the official Google Play Store and using reputable security software that detects potential risks in a timely manner.”