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The federations changed Ali after signing with Hamdallah

Hamad Al-Dosari, the most important party in the recordings case between Al-Nasr Club and its former player Abdul Razzaq Hamdallah, and Al-Ittihad Club, revealed that negotiations began between the Moroccan player and the club in December 2020, indicating that he found a change in the treatment after the completion of the signature between the two parties.

Al-Nasr terminated the contract of its player, Abdul Razzaq Hamdallah, in November last year, and in December 2021 he signed with Ittihad Jeddah.

Hamad Al-Dossary said to the “In the Goal” program: My friendship with Abdul Razzaq Hamdallah began in February 2020 when his former colleague Sultan Al-Ghanam introduced me to him while Al-Nasr was playing an AFC Champions League match against Al-Ain UAE, and the relationship between us became stronger after that.

And he continued: The story of Hamdallah and Al-Ittihad began in December 2020 when one of the administrators at Al-Ittihad Club contacted me asking me if there was a desire from the player to join the team, and I conveyed that to Hamdallah and he answered me with his desire to play in Al-Ittihad, and in June 2021 the desire was renewed and Hamdallah assured me that he wanted to play in Union, and after two months began negotiation between the two parties.

And he continued: I went to Hamdallah’s house in Riyadh on August 16, and he contacted one of the administrators via my personal phone, and the two parties confirmed their desire to contract, and one of the administrators asked me on August 19 to hold a conference call with Hamdallah, and it was the night of the Al-Faisaly match, and I denied that there was incitement to Hamdallah to be absent. about match.

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Al-Dossary continued: After the team returned from Morocco, the administration and some players agreed that Hamdallah’s transfer to Al-Ittihad would ruin the team’s system, and then Hamdallah sent me via “Snapchat” “I did what I had to do, and then they do what is required of them.” And I contacted Al-Ittihad Club to find out the desire to contract with Abdul Razzaq, and I was surprised that they ended the contract with Youssef Nyakati two days later.

Hamad continued to reveal the details and said: In October 2021, one of the administrators at Al-Ittihad Club called me and said, “Hamdallah does not renew with Al-Nasr, and that in January he will be with us.” On November 23, Al-Nasr terminated his contract with Hamdallah, and I received a call from the team administrator asking about Hamdallah, It conveyed to the two parties the common desire, despite the presence of offers from the Emirates, Turkey and America at the time.

And he added: There were direct negotiations between the federations, praise be to God, during the validity of his contract with Al-Nasr, and dealing with me changed after signing, and when the player arrived at the club, I was expelled from the Al-Ittihad club.

And he added: I did not ask Al-Ittihad Club for any amount, whether from Hamdallah or others, but Hamdallah offered me 5% of his contract, and I did not get the amount, and he told me to talk to the club’s management and if they asked me I would say that you are the mediator, and I spoke with Anmar Al-Haili, the club’s president, about that, but To no avail, until I went to Al-Nasr Club to file a complaint because I do not have an official sports status, and then I went to the Professional Committee to testify in March 2022.

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