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The Ferrari 288 GTO is back in great restaurant form.  She praises her creator

The Ferrari 288 GTO is back in great restaurant form. She praises her creator

The official name of this legend in the mid-1980s was only the Ferrari GTO, but fans soon renamed the 288 GTO thanks to its 400-horsepower 2.8-liter V8. The original name was an acronym for “Gran Turismo Omologato”, because the GTO was originally intended for racing groups b. However, it was canceled even before the car began its first special stage.

Photo: Maggiore

The GranTurismo project was personally supervised by Nicola Materazzi, creator of the original GTO (as well as the 308, 328 Turbo or F40). However, he did not live to see the ceremonial parade

The F40 is perhaps more popular today, but it makes great use of GTO technology. The older model is also rarer, with the GTO produced at just 272 units, while the F40 with its 1,311 units is almost a dime a dozen. It is the unique and the oldest GTO recreated in the form of a wonderful restaurant called Maggiore GranTurismo.

At first glance, everything here seems to be fine – the familiar sharp wedge shape, the bright lights at the front, the engine in the center and the rear wheels. Below the roof is actually a Type 308 chassis, from which the Type GTO is based. So it’s a great option for those who want to get their own GTO, but don’t want to shell out nearly five million dollars for an original.

Of course, very little remained from the Donor 308 – even the chassis itself was significantly modified. The modified base 308 was then worn in an aerospace-grade aluminum chassis, and a state-of-the-art Brembo brake system was also added. Thanks to the all-new suspension, the restomod from Maggiore is also slightly wider.

Photo: Maggiore

All that’s left of the Ferrari 308’s benefactor is the engine case and chassis base, everything else is new. The correct name is Maggiore “GranTurismO”, where the letters G, T, and O stand out in reference to the origin

The engine is anything but unchanged. Basic components like the crankcase remain, but the cylinder heads, eight pedals per cylinder, and a full intake manifold with air-cooling intercooler for two massive new sequential turbochargers. A brand new carbon hood has been added as a bonus. The result is 600 horsepower transmitted to the rear axle via a six-stroke manual engine.

Interestingly, the Type 308 engine is not only related to the Type 328 Turbo or even the 208 Dino, but of course it has a lot in common with the 288 GTO, which is pretty much the top iteration of the Type 308. In a way, you could say that the Maggiore GranTurismo Bred from the same recipe, using only modern materials and production procedures.

Interestingly, the project also has a spiritual dimension – Nicola Materazzi was involved in the 208, 308, 328 Turbo, 288 GTO and, in fact, F40 projects. Oddly enough, Materazzi was the guarantor of the Maggiore GranTurismo project and the owner of Maggiore Automobili worked closely with him. However, he did not live to watch the premiere of GTO Reborn – he died literally a few days before the official premiere.

“Most of all, I regret that we did not have the honor of sharing this precious moment with someone who played a very central role in our project,” commented Gianluca Maggiore, founder of Maggiore Automobili. “It’s a huge shame, but more than that, this car is a tribute to one of the most important engineers and designers of the 20th century.”

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