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The Financial Times criticized China’s absence from the “COP 26” conference, describing its atmosphere as “hot”.

In its Saturday issue of the British Financial Times today, Chinese President Xi Jinping, the head of the world’s largest polluting country, criticized the current COP26 climate conference in Glasgow, Scotland. The atmosphere at the conference was “hot”. Any progress that can eventually be made in a way can be thwarted.

And the newspaper, which published its editorial for this week on its official website, said the chances of achieving this year’s COP26 slogan, the new pledge to maintain a 1.5 degree Celsius global warming rate, are almost certain. The failure of China and the United States to sign an agreement to phase out coal production, especially in the absence of zero, especially in the absence of the leadership of the world’s most important countries, caused increased pressure and heat in the second week of the conference.

He said the chances of Shi attending the conference were slim and that he had not left China for two years, adding that sending a written statement after the United Kingdom objected to the video texts instead could have boosted China’s sentiment. Isolation, especially the success of COP The Paris 2015, was preceded by intense diplomatic work between Washington and Beijing.

China has set its own course by targeting net zero emissions by 2060, promising not to fund foreign coal plants. But it continues to invest in domestic industries that are mired in an energy crisis, and diversity should mean something more. As for China, especially when it is one of the largest countries receiving climate funding from development banks.

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Furthermore, it was reported that China had increased its daily coal production by more than one million tons amidst power shortages, in line with the COP26 conference to discuss ways to protect the Earth from facing “catastrophic” climate warming. Amid the global economic recovery, China is suffering from a burden of high-cost raw materials, especially coal, which the Asian country relies on 60% to operate its power plants, spurring power plants to operate despite strong demand, leading to electricity. Increases production costs for rations and companies.

However, there has been some concrete progress this week, with about 100 countries involved in the methane deal, although some major emitting countries have not signed up, and India has pledged to net zero, even if it is by 2070. By 2050, developed countries have come up with a $ 8.5 billion plan to cut off South Africa from coal, and to promote this support for poor countries.

Finally, the British newspaper pointed out that the International Energy Agency’s preliminary estimates suggest that this week’s pledges could curb global warming to 1.8 degrees Celsius, and that even if these pledges were not as high as 1.5 degrees Celsius, this would be a commendable improvement. Meet.